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Montessori Philosophy and Method

Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the well-prepared, child-oriented environment of our programs enables students to reach their full potential - to achieve high international academic standards. Research has shown, young children with early Montessori foundations (ages 2 to 6), typically enter the public school system academically ahead of their non-Montessori peers and work in a more independent, self-directed and organized fashion.

Montessori Approach to Education

Time-Tested Teaching


For more than 75 years, Montessori Education has achieved world-wide recognition for its method in developing self-discipline, self-mastery and a love of learning that will remain a lifetime.


The Montessori Philosophy allows children the freedom to choose activities which correspond to their own sensitive periods and readiness to progress, without boredom or discouragement.

Learning Through Experience


With the emphasis on developing a young child’s potential, the Montessori Method of education uses specially trained teachers and special teaching materials to stimulate children's natural curiosity. The Montessori Method allows each child to learn and progress at their own pace through practical experiences and self-discovery.

Practical Life • Sensorial • Math • Language • Writing • Science
Geography • History • Social Studies • Spelling • Storytelling • Art
Music • Physical Education • Zoology • Botany • Outdoor Activities

“This is an excellent school that places a strong emphasis on academics. It is also a very nurturing environment. Both my children have attended this school for a number of years and I have been very impressed with how much they have learned and how much they loved going every day. My first child could read fluently after attending the school for one year (by the time she turned four) and was doing first grade work. This is largely due to the structure and high expectations of the school. The school also reinforces the importance of respectful and responsible behavior."

Submitted by a parent


Teaching Children in El Dorado Hills Since 1991
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