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We take what our parents say to heart. It is rewarding to see the children thrive in our school and to hear about the impact we make in their lives. We are honored to share in their accomplishments and proud to share their stories.

More than 25 community members have shared their opinion about this preschool and kindergarten, giving it an average Community Rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Our daughter has been attending Montessori Manor for almost 2 years now and we've been delighted by her development. She is flourishing in this program and well on her way to a lifelong love of learning.

Greg Scott

Thank you so much for the amazing foundation that you have given Thomas. He was only 3 yrs old when he started at Montessori Manor and my husband and I are constantly amazed and impressed with all that he has learned. He has a better understanding of world geography and the human anatomy than most adults. One Halloween he named most of the bones on the skeleton hanging in our yard.


Montessori Manor has taught him so much more than just reading, writing and arithmetic, Thomas has a broad view of the world, an understanding of our solar system and knowledge of world history all by the age of 6. But one of the things that we are most grateful for are the leadership skills he has learned. He can shake an adults hand and look them straight in the eye. This may seem like a small thing, but it is the type of confidence that will enable his success in the work force as an adult.


Words cannot express how thankful we are to you and your staff for all the amazing skills and confidence you have given our son. We know Thomas will be at the top of his class when he starts first grade.

Thank you, Tom & Lisa Hopley

There are no words that can express how very thankful and grateful I am for making Kenneth’s first preschool experience so wonderful. Sending Kenneth off for the first time to preschool was nerve-racking. I remember telling Ms. Sydney to please, please keep an eye on him because it was his first time in a preschool and wasn’t very good at taking group directions. But the entire staff made the transition so easy. When Kenneth came home happy and excited about his preschool, I knew I put him in the right place. For that, I will be forever grateful. You have a wonderful Montessori Program, with beautifully-hearted staff members. I hope in the next year or so, I can send Mason here to experience what Kenneth did, the same educational and social environment with teachers that have patience, kindness and trustworthiness. That, as a parent, is so important. Thank you again for everything!

Jeanine, Kenneth & Mason

My son started Montessori Manor 3 years ago and my husband and I are so thankful we sent him there when we did at three-years-old. Our son has thrived both socially and academically. He is now over 6-years-old and will be leaving to go to 1st grade in the fall. Keeping our on in the school through kindergarten was the best decision we could have made. He has developed skills that we feel will carry him through life. He has discipline, an eager to learn and has learned math, reading and social skills just to name a few.


Leslie Dillon, the director is truly amazing. I don't use this term lightly and would not have referred the handful of families to her school if I didn't truly mean this. She has great experience and a natural ability to engage children, and she does this by tailoring her approach with each and every child. Her staff is amazing as well and they all have a positive impact on the children they come in touch with. I have seen this myself over the past few years.


Our daughter will be starting in the summer at this school and my husband and I are thrilled.

Lori Osen

Hi, my name is Clay Miller and I am a single father and I had the unique pleasure to meet Leslie Dillon in February 2009. Upon my moving to El Dorado Hills I searched to no avail in finding a quality school that met the needs of my son Austin. My son was 2 ½ years old with speech delays and each school that I looked into was just another place where the children played and didn’t learn anything beyond that.


The schools seemed more of a convenience and/or a place for the kids to go while the parents are at work. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but I knew in my heart that I wanted the very best for my son. I met some other parents and they recommended Montessori Manor. I called Leslie and set up a time to meet and I was so amazed by her knowledge, methods of teaching, and her sincere and caring nature.


We spend over an hour talking has she watched and interacted with my son and gave me a lot of simple task that I could work with him at home on improving his fine motor skills and tips on helping me with his speech delay. Needless to say I was so impressed and I knew that I found the school for him. I have looked at possibly 10-15 schools and none of them have come even close to what Montessori Manor and all their wonderful teachers offer.


Having a child with special needs has even furthered my desire to give him the very best that I could. I have done that by having him go to Montessori Manor.


The teachers are always available to discuss what is going on with my son and parent participation is always encouraged. Many times Leslie and the other teachers have given me assistance and referrals that have help me immensely with my son.

I am very proud to say that my son has made remarkable strides and with the continuing care and tutoring form Montessori Manor I feel my son will enter K-12 with all the necessary skills including knowledge, confidence, and emotional well-being that will make him not only ready for school but for life as well. I could go on write more but I will let Leslie Dillon, Montessori Manor and all the wonderful teachers show you. For me seeing is truly believes and I promise you, you will too.

Clay Miller

Our daughter truly loves her school. When choosing this school we talked to all our friends, which made our choice very easy. Ms. Leslie has been here long enough to have a very long list of alumni, and I have never heard anything but praise. The philosophy that backs the Montessori teaching style speaks for itself, however the amazing staff of teachers is what makes this school so exceptional. Not only will our daughter be very well prepared for kindergarten, but we also feel her mind will be better trained to learn. This school is an investment in her future.

John and Julia Carle



We have one child who has graduated from Montessori Manor, another will finish his May 2010, and our son will begin in January 2010. From the moment they entered the classroom our children excelled in the Montessori curriculum. The staff’s consistent, attentive instruction met our daughter’s specific personal and intellectual needs. Watching them grow in that environment has reaffirmed our decision to send all three of our children to Montessori Manor. We look forward to experiencing our son’s development.

The Greenes



Thanks to Montessori Manor, when our daughter, Natalie, starts kindergarten next year, she will be well ahead of learning curve. The social and academic tools she has acquired over the course of the last two years are unmatched by any other preschool I’ve seen in the area. Not only has Natalie already begun to read, she has been exposed to world geography, science, music and the arts. Montessori Manor achieves the perfect balance between structure and play, making it an environment where the children can truly excel and develop into wonderful little people! Maybe the best testament is the fact that Natalie is never ready to leave when I pick her up each afternoon! Thank you Montessori Manor!

Melissa Chaquica



I am writing to recommend Montessori Manor Pre-School located in El Dorado Hills. Our 4-year-old son is currently attending his second year at the school and the experience has been wonderful. This is my son’s first school experience and he loves it.

A Montessori classroom is supposed to provide freedom within the limits of an environment which develops a sense of order and self-discipline. This is exactly what we encountered at Montessori Manor.

Mrs. Leslie does a great job leading the teachers and introducing the children to new learning opportunities, always at the child’s individual pace. They help each parent appreciate how special and unique their child is, and they provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment necessary for each and every child to thrive. As parents, we have learned a lot form the school and from watching the teachers: how to redirect behavior that is not exactly wonderful, how to set limits in a respectful way, how to guide and stimulate.

The indoors and outdoors facilities are well equipped, extremely clean and organized. The children are always well-behaved. There is great balance of academics and life skills.

Our year-plus at Montessori Manor has been stimulating and rewarding. We believe the experience has had a very positive impact in our son’s life. We are so pleased that once our youngest is old enough we plan on him attending the Montessori Manor program.

Claudia & Michael Gilles



My 5 yr old son started the Kindergarten program at Montessori Manor and he LOVES this school. I am very impressed with his progress in such a short period of time. He went to five different private schools/daycares since 10 month old baby and I rank this school to be one of the best. I am so glad to have caring, patient and helpful teachers working with him. I believe it is the dedicated teachers’ continuous and tireless efforts who make learning FUN!!!

Kanchana Tatigpigari

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