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Our Programs

Our mission is to help every child reach their full potential. Our curriculum encourages lifelong learning from an understanding of the world in which a child lives, providing first-hand experience to stimulate both emotional and intellectual growth. The teachers at Montessori Manor are passionate about preparing children for a successful life of learning.

Practical Life Experiences


Care of the Environment, Care of the Self, Grace and Courtesy are emphasized in this area. Children take part in everyday activities such as food preparation, sweeping and mopping, tying shoes and setting a table. They develop concentration, coordination and a sense of order.



Sensory Awareness


All learning takes place through the senses. Maria Montessori emphasized the use of many senses in each exercise. Tactile and olfactory discrimination along with auditory and visual perception are learned through manipulative exercises.





Dr. Maria Montessori develops the “Mathematical” or “Scientific” mind by using concrete objects from the real word. The design of the materials encourages repetition which enhances learning. The children are introduced to the concept of numbers, the decimal system, linear and skip counting, addition, multiplication and subtraction.





Maria Montessori believed that writing preceded reading in a child’s development. Many exercises are provided to teach pencil control and beginning handwriting. A phonetic approach is used to learn sounds through Sandpaper Letters, objects and pictures. Word composition and writing begin with the Moveable Alphabet.





Children begin learning about the world with the globe. They continue studying the continents, countries, and flags of the world. Map making is a big part of our program.



Creative Arts


Our program allows the children to express themselves through a variety of creative arts including: storytelling, puppetry, plays, show and tell, cooking and arts and crafts. Singing and dancing are also a part of their daily experiences.





A child has a natural desire to explore what they see. We provide various opportunities for the children to study and observe their environment, i.e. gardening, nature walks and the care of animals.





Children learn through movement. Outdoor play encourages the development of muscle coordination and motor skills. Gymnastic instruction, balance beam, tumbling and dance, will be part of the program.


Teaching Children in El Dorado Hills Since 1991
Hours: 7:30AM - 5:30PM  |  (916) 933-2420



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