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Suggested Activities At Home

Here are some suggested activities that can be done at home to reinforce the Montessori education received at school. Together, we can help every child reach their full potential.

Read to your child

Ask simple questions about the story during and at the end of the reading. Reread books and encourage participation by leaving certain words or sentences out of the story as you read.


Play initial sound games

Look for words or objects that begin with a certain sound. Reinforce what a child is learning at school. When the sound “s” worksheet is brought home, put it on the refrigerator and think of other things that begin with that sound.


Praise you child’s work

Tell your child how beautiful his drawing looks or how nice and clean his room looks after he puts his games away. A child is proud of accomplishments and will gain confidence through repetition of tasks


Help with housekeeping

Encourage your child to help you set the table (count napkins, silverware, etc.), prepare the dinner, (cut vegetables, fruit, butter bread), or clean the house, (dust furniture, sweep or mop the floor). Children enjoy emulating their parents, and these activities develop the child’s coordination, concentration, and independence.


Learn to dress

Children delight in their own independence. Help your child zip pants and button shirts. Let your child tie shoes and the bow on a dress. Children take great pride in their own accomplishments.


Play games with your child

Include children in decisions. Respect their point of view. Discuss and try different ways of doing things.


Build an understanding of number concepts

Practice counting objects and recognizing symbols. Give them simple exercises to do with money. Help your child understand words like more and less, smallest, smaller, bigger, biggest, before and after, first and last, same and different, etc. These are difficult concepts for pre-school children to understand.


Help notice details

Play games that involve picking out differences between objects that are very much alike. Use objects like buttons, money, cards, etc. “Please find the one that matches.” Pictures of objects can be used as well as objects themselves.


Develop memory

Memorize songs and poems. Play concentration games with cards. Introduce objects, hide one, and ask which one is missing. Later hide more than one at a time. It is always more fun when the child can play “teacher” too!


Sort objects

Practice sorting objects by size, color, shape, function, or material.


Build vocabulary

Help your child learn the names of objects in your home: in specific rooms, in closets, in drawers. Talk about words and explain meanings. Practice using a new word in a sentence. Play games that describe characteristics to which the child must supply a name. For example, “I am thinking of a long metal object, used to cut food, in the kitchen, what is it?”


Increase general store of information

Talk to your child about experiences he has had: a television show you watched together, a family excursion, a movie, a walk. Encourage him/her to bring a souvenir, special picture, etc., to school once a week for sharing.

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